Now that the 2 week cold snap has passed, we are enjoying some 20 and 30 degree weather! We feel like it is a mini-spring here and are enjoying wearing a few less layers. The horses are napping in the sunshine today and are able to finally relax and keep warm. We are now feeding them regular amounts and they are quite happy, in fact, we often find them playing and running around in the morning times. We will try to capture some of their playing and post some pictures and videos of the horses rearing up and running around in the snow!

 Holiday Camp this year ran from December 27th to January 1st. We said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed in 2018 with 15 dancing campers and 7 staff members! Despite the frigid temperatures, we managed to go sledding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. When it got too cold, we all huddled together in the cape around a game of bananagrams or baked warm chocolate chip cookies and other sweet treats. It was a full, New England horse farm winter experience!

With the New Hampshire winter beginning with snow, we are preparing for Holiday Camp and hoping that the snow will stay so that we can do some sledding. We also hope for no rain!! During the winter months, the rain combined with the cold weather always creates ice, which is unpleasant for the horses and us people. We are one week away from Holiday Camp and are incredibly excited for thirteen campers to join us. We have a few counselors visiting as well for this camp, and we are equally excited to see them! Campers, staff, and families associated with Road’s End Farm are what make this place possible. We love getting visits and seeing members from our extended camp family!

We had our first big New England snow storm of the year! I snowed for an entire day and gave the horses some wonderful footing in the paddock! The horses were playful with each other in the snow and almost all of them rolled around giving themselves ‘snow baths’ as Alicia likes to call them. The snow is fluffy still because we are going through a bit of a cold snap. Very early to have this type of weather but we certainly don’t mind it. We, and the horses, much prefer snow to rain.

As the cold air begins to seep in, the horse’s coats are getting thicker and their bellies are getting a little bit bigger. In order to stay warm, we have started to feed them more hay and grain each morning and night so that when the temperatures are in the single digits and the snow comes, we won’t have an cold ponies! We are getting ready for our Holiday Camp which will run from December 26th to January 1st. This is usually our biggest off-season gathering, besides October Weekend, and we have fun taking care of the ponies, cooking warm and delicious food, kitting or doing arts & crafts, and hopefully some sledding if we are lucky with early snow. We are looking forward to all of the wonderful ladies coming back and spending a week with us during their school vacation.