The summer has been busy and exciting – we have been playing outside rather than writing on the computer. We are having so much fun this summer with cooler weather, happy horses, and happy campers, that we cannot believe it is over in 2 weeks! Our 12 week camp season seems to fly by each year. The instructors who are here each year, Lesley and Sue, are still educating girls on all aspect of riding horses and horsemanship. Here, at Road’s End Farm, we believe that becoming a knowledgeable horsewoman is just as important as becoming a talented rider. We want to educate on horse health and general horse care so that these young women are able to understand the full responsibility and importance of taking care of every aspect of the horse. We are first a horsemanship camp, although some insist that we are a horsewomanship camp 😉 and we love educating all of our campers and even our visitors about the care of our herd of horses during the summer and year-round.