The Personnel Ad

While the Camp is owned and operated by the Woodman family, its success and reputation as a nurturing place for girls has resulted primarily from the collaborative efforts and abilities of others who have shared its philosophy and had the perseverance to achieve its goals. To ensure the best possible experiences for campers as well as those responsible for their well being, Road’s End Farm has relied upon select groups of engaging and energetic young women to actually implement the camp program and impart its basic values over the years. As each year some members of the staff move on to embrace other of life’s challenges, the Farm always has an ongoing need for a few team-minded women to join returning staff members in carrying on the Camp’s work and traditions as attentive residential counselors and knowledgeable instructors. From time to time staff openings also exist for responsible and reliable individuals versed in cooking or nursing.


First and foremost, any person interested in becoming a staff member at Road’s End Farm should have a genuine concern for young people coupled with an eagerness to help them feel comfortable in their surroundings and confident in themselves.   An ideal candidate would also possess a high degree of emotional maturity and the ability to effortlessly set an example worthy of emulation, one that would quickly reveal a gentle sense of humor and a goodly amount of patience.   While being able to teach horsemanship or serve as a lead rider for small groups of campers on the bridle paths would certainly be highly desirable qualifications for employment at the Farm, neither one is necessary if an applicant has other skills that would benefit the camp program described in the preceding sections.   Such skills might include, but not be limited to, being proficient at teaching swimming, canoeing, or arts & crafts or being qualified to lifeguard or provide advanced first aid.

As kindness, enthusiasm, and a good work ethic are all held in high esteem at Road’s End Farm, any young woman long on those character traits, but short on actual camp skills, will still be given serious consideration for employment.   However, to be so considered, one must be willing and able to satisfactorily complete at least two of the certifying courses offered at the Farm in the weeks just prior to each camp season.   Although the horsemanship camp at Road’s End Farm still lags way behind other businesses in creating wealthy employees, individuals with the qualities and skills being sought here are not expected to work simply for the admiration of the campers and the appreciation of the director, though such altruism would never be frowned upon.   Instead, remuneration is based upon one’s credentials and work experience, and usually involves a sizable incentive for a job well done.   As a condition of employment, of course, all staff members receive room, board, laundry, and other incidental camp-related expenses in addition to their salaries.

canoetripPerhaps this invitation to caring and upheaded women has caught your eye and piqued your imagination, and if so, please give some thought to spending a summer sharing in the camaraderie at Road’s End Farm.   Naturally, as the primary requirement for becoming a valued member of the camp’s staff is one’s ability to be a positive role model for young girls, people with a penchant for profanity, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or inappropriate behavior should not consider working at the Farm.   Being an equal opportunity employer, Road’s End Farm holds firm to the belief that diversity enriches the experiences of all and empowers those who embrace it.   To that end, people of all races and religions are genuinely encouraged to seek employment at the camp.

For more information about what staff positions are currently in need of just the right person or to request an employment application, please feel free to email or call us directly at 603/363-4900.