The Particulars

girlonhorseThe nine-week camp season begins in June and is divided into several sessions of differing lengths, typically broken into two week intervals. With the camp’s limited enrollment, admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.   In keeping with the Farm’s air of informality, the only required items of riding apparel on the  camp’s clothing and bedding list are a properly-sized, SEI-certified helmet and a pair of hard-soled shoes or boots with low heels.

As one might expect, prospective campers and their parents are welcome and certainly encouraged to visit the farm so they may meet the staff and see the camp facilities firsthand.   If that is not convenient and questions linger unanswered after viewing this website, please email Sarah at to schedule a call or video conference.   Should references on the camp be desired, they will be forthcoming upon request via email or telephone.

dormHopefully, as the path hereabouts winds to an end, you have acquired a definite feeling for what Road’s End Farm represents and how it would influence young people growing up nowadays. In fairness to potential campers and their parents as well as to our well-thought-of competitors, other paths are also worthy of your consideration as Road’s End Farm is but one of a number of reputable summer camps devoted to children, their betterment, and their sense of belonging. After carefully reviewing each of the camp programs of interest to you, may you choose wisely the one that will meet your specific needs and best live up to your expectations.