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A List of Local Accomodations

Although the vast majority of our campers arrive via private transportation, families can rely upon buses, trains, or airlines to transport their campers to and from Road’s End Farm if geography or other considerations make such a choice necessary.   If needed, Greyhound Bus Lines has buses operating between Boston and Keene, NH as well as between New York City and Brattleboro, VT with other localities on both routes being served.   Should you wish to make use of one of these buses, which run several times each day, you may call  Greyhound  at 800/739-5020 to ascertain arrival and departure times.

Secondly, Amtrak has trains traveling each way once a day between New York City and Montreal with stops in Brattleboro and other towns along the way.   Since Brattleboro and Keene are each about ten miles from the Farm, members of the camp’s staff will punctually meet or take campers to either of the bus stations or the train station as a courtesy free of charge to our camp families.

Thirdly, as a service to families who need or would like to send their campers to Road’s End Farm using commercial airlines, camp personnel will pick up or take campers to any of the three airports that serve the southwestern corner of New Hampshire. For the convenience of the camp on busy changeover weekends, campers arriving or leaving on domestic flights are requested to book their flights through either Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH or Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT.   Travel time to either of these airports is about one and one half hours under normal traffic conditions.   Campers arriving or departing on international flights may book their flights through either Bradley Airport or Logan International Airport in Boston.   Travel time to Logan Airport is dependent upon traffic conditions, but usually runs about two and one half hours.

Prior to making airline reservations, parents should consult with the camp director to ensure that the arrival and departure times of their camper’s flights will also coincide with reasonable arrival and departure times at the camp itself. Due to the time and mileage involved in providing this service, a fee is charged for each trip with the amount dependent upon which airport is used.   Of course, the occasional family with access to a private airplane will find flying in and out of Keene Airport to be handy, especially since camp personnel will be pleased to meet or deliver campers there at no charge.

Inasmuch as no one would wish to have a young person left unescorted in an airport, bus terminal or train station nowadays, camp policy requires that parents contact the director with final travel plans at least a week prior to their camper’s arrival at camp so as to ensure that no confusion exists as to when and where she is/they are to be met.   The camp director will do likewise before placing anyone’s camper on public transportation.