The Premises

2house The Farm
Nestled at the end of a quiet dirt road and bounded by the vast Pisgah Wilderness, Road’s End Farm enjoys peaceful and picturesque surroundings in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire.   When Ezra Jackson and his kinfolk homesteaded this 360-acre tract in 1778, little could they have envisioned that what they began would end up so lovely.   Today the farm’s rolling meadows, serene ponds, and pristine woodlands provide an ideal setting for a summer horsemanship camp and a retreat center the other seasons of the year.

Owned by the Woodman family since 1945, the Farm has a number of attractive buildings, including the main residence dating back to Ezra’s day and a youthful guest house circa 1825.   These houses serve nicely as focal points for the Farm’s two easy-going enterprises.   The family’s devotion to animals over the years has resulted in the Farm becoming known for fine saddle horses and ponies. Ranging from 45 to 55 in number, these horses and ponies are for the exclusive enjoyment of the campers and otherwise lead a life as carefree as the family’s several cats, dogs and goats.

The Camp
The campers and staff members who frequent the camp each summer enjoy comfortable living accommodations in five cabins as well as the guest house and dine together in a wing of the original farmhouse.   A spacious stable, three tree-rimmed riding rings, and twenty miles of well-maintained and scenic bridle trails provide exceptional facilities for the camp’s equestrian program.
Within walking distance of the farm is the camp’s sandy beach on Lake Spofford where clear, spring-fed waters make for refreshing swimming and pleasant canoeing.   With the rugged Pisgah Wilderness right next door and the tranquil Connecticut River meandering nearby, campers have opportunities to experience both firsthand.   When inclement weather occurs, the camp’s large recreation room offers a perfect place for playing indoor games and putting on volunteer talent shows.

Rounding out Road’s End Farm’s ample credentials as a fine location for a summer camp are its proximity to support services and its accessibility for families of campers.   Conveniently situated between Keene, New Hampshire and Brattleboro, Vermont, the farm affords easy access to medical facilities, places of worship, and major highways.   With a bus station and a train station close by, travel to and from the camp via public transportation is also possible for those so inclined.