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Dear Families,

In an age of social media, more frequent and public contact becomes possible—a change similar in magnitude, perhaps, to the advent of the telephone, a device near and dear to Tom, the great wordsmith of our original brochure and its accompanying website. It is fitting, then, that the most modern rendition of the phone should be the avenue by which so many find Road’s End Farm, and stay abreast of all that goes on here. While we maintain our faith in the power and value of direct conversation, regular communication via the telephone and post office is becoming ever less practical, and since Road’s End Farm has always regarded the families who send their daughters here as an extension in spirit and letter of the Woodman family, we have embarked on social media in order to inform everyone of goings-on at the Farm, and more importantly to stay tuned to the families whose generosity, willingness to provide references, and old-fashioned muscle have sustained the Farm as a preserve of woodland, farm wisdom, and four-legged characters, and most especially as a place for generations of girls to play, and work, hard.  This page, therefore, is dedicated to maintaining contact with all the families in our community, both past and present.