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Fun Hauling BrushOne of the feature glories of October Weekend is the bonfire, for which a lot of brush must be hauled.  Three crews pitched in today to do a final cleanup of the Wheelocks field to prepare for the illuminating event.  Midway through the second round of brush hauling, the tractor died – maybe a dead battery, maybe a bad alternator.  Michael (the grandfather of a prospective camper) happened to be on hand and knew his way around old Ford tractors, and within minutes we were off and running once more.  (Many thanks again, Michael).  First, however, the girls showed off their muscles, pushing the tractor out from under the load.  (wink)


New Arabian PonyElf arrived yesterday morning in the midst of a rolling thunderstorm, but he was bigger than the weather and pranced around, snorting into the foggy air.  He has already made certain that Spirit knows who’s in charge.  He is full of gumption and grass – a good combination for a thirteen-hand, thirteen-year old Paint cross.  Finally, Buddy will see a lighter side to pint-sized shenanigans.

We have horses of all sizes, but have found that our ponies tend to have the most sass. If you know horses, you know that a determined pony can be significantly stronger willed than a horse. We have a few ponies who have mellowed out in their old age, but will certainly teach you how to properly ride. Elf, a speedy small pony, will teach you how to have soft hands and a gentle seat. Some campers even call him a unicorn.

View from the trailsIf you mosey up Jackson Hill, there’s a trail that connects a loop of overlooks.  This picture was taken from one that faces Lake Spofford, where the girls swim.  It is an especially lovely view at sunset, reminding me of the various perspectives that we tend to miss when we don’t look for them or can’t see them.  ‘Carpe Diem’ is a famous slogan calling on all to seize the day and make the most of every opportunity.  It would be handily joined to another calling on all to look up, look out, and look all around!

Please come for a visit, take a hike, give a hug, and enjoy the fresh New Hampshire air. We are always here and willing to share this beautiful land. The premises of Road’s End Farm have wonderful views for you to see and we hope each reader gets the opportunities to go hike the overlooks and embrace the woods of New England.

As any old-fashioned farmer knows, one day on a farm is much like any other, and the weather, the particular tool that needs repair, and the horse that just fell in love with another provide the backdrop for a natural rhythm of life that does not really change.  Given this continuity, a daily blog might appear unvaried, as perhaps the Farmer’s Almanac for one year greatly resembles that of another.  Nevertheless, the seemingly inconsequential details are indispensable to the significance and beauty of what happens at Road’s End Farm, and keeping up with the herd and its valiant servants, or with the Farm and its stalwart caretakers, is an understandable desire, since we are all a part of the family that has preserved Road’s End Farm for generations.