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The blog for Road’s End Farm, a summer horsemanship camp for girls who love caring for and riding horses. Blog posts contain year-round updates for the horse farm in rural, Chesterfield, NH.

Hot daysJust like the kids, some of the horses will play in the water every chance they get, so once riding was over for the week, Doyle bee-lined for the pond and jumped in.  Good thing Gandalf was watching nearby, ready to help his pal if he got into trouble (definitely Doyle’s strong suit).  Doyle demonstrated his breaststroke, doggie paddle, and elementary backstroke before wandering off looking for a grassy snack.
Doyle is one of our most avid swimmers. He enjoys the cool water in the hot sun and usually his best friend Gandalf is wandering around near him. However, Gandalf is not much of a swimmer. Campers that come and have never seen horses in a herd living near ponds may have never gotten the chance to see a horse swim. Girls coming and watching the horses, free of restrictions, swim and enjoy being a horse in a herd is the reason that Road’s End Farm exists nowadays. We do not exist for showing purposes, but rather, a connection with nature and a belief that this place should provide a unique camp experience for girls who love horses.

As any old-fashioned farmer knows, one day on a farm is much like any other, and the weather, the particular tool that needs repair, and the horse that just fell in love with another provide the backdrop for a natural rhythm of life that does not really change.  Given this continuity, a daily blog might appear unvaried, as perhaps the Farmer’s Almanac for one year greatly resembles that of another.  Nevertheless, the seemingly inconsequential details are indispensable to the significance and beauty of what happens at Road’s End Farm, and keeping up with the herd and its valiant servants, or with the Farm and its stalwart caretakers, is an understandable desire, since we are all a part of the family that has preserved Road’s End Farm for generations.