For 3 months out of the year, we are a summer camp where campers, farm life, and horseback riding take control of our lives. The rest of the year, we are a working horse farm where the animals and people enjoy quiet nature. As the horses grow their winter coats to keep warm, us people bundle up and take care of all the animals that call Road’s End Farm home. We love our seasons in New England! Happy Winter!

Many camps close for the off-season, but with 69 horses and many acres to maintain, we don’t have the luxury of an 8-month vacation! We love the farm work and the change of seasons is refreshing each time there is a significant change. The horses love playing in the snow, as they are much more durable than humans, and they don’t mind the cold. This picture of the new barn was caught right as these large flakes were falling and the farm had a clean, white blanket laid over the premises.

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