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A warm welcome to Spirit, the new pony who just arrived to join in the shenanigans this summer.  He’s a thirteen-year old Quarterhorse (but no terrible teens here!) and he’s settling in happily to a life of carrots, apples, and biped servants at his beck and call.  Since he’s just unpacked, we haven’t yet showed him the trails or introduced him to the herd, but Tom has explained to him the importance of knowing names, using your head to save your back, how many hands make light work, and the value of pulling your pound.

He is already the favorite of many campers and has since made many friends within the herd of horses. Spirit is a well loved, big boy who loves riding in both the ring and on trail – although riding on trail is his favorite!

As any old-fashioned farmer knows, one day on a farm is much like any other, and the weather, the particular tool that needs repair, and the horse that just fell in love with another provide the backdrop for a natural rhythm of life that does not really change.  Given this continuity, a daily blog might appear unvaried, as perhaps the Farmer’s Almanac for one year greatly resembles that of another.  Nevertheless, the seemingly inconsequential details are indispensable to the significance and beauty of what happens at Road’s End Farm, and keeping up with the herd and its valiant servants, or with the Farm and its stalwart caretakers, is an understandable desire, since we are all a part of the family that has preserved Road’s End Farm for generations.