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Each morning, the full time staff members at Road’s End Farm wake up and love all of the animals that live at the end of Jackson Hill Road in New Hampshire. Daisy, our yellow lab, is the farm dog that the campers love year in and year out. We have created a short film, dedicated to Daisy Dolittle the Delinquent, and we find it to have a different tune than our horse movies. We are so delighted that each camper that comes can love horses, cats, and dogs and we believe that all of these animals create the full Farm experience. These animals contribute to our camp program and we have found the campers love our household pets as much as they love the herd of horses.

With the new year at Road’s End Farm brought us two new cats. Melvin and Momo have come and made themselves at home at Road’s End. Hopefully, we will make a video of the cats soon, but for now Daisy has the spotlight. Please enjoy this short, one minute film with pictures of our favorite pup!

At the end of a dirt road in rural New Hampshire, a herd of horses run free and eagerly anticipate the arrival of young girls from all over the world. Throughout 2017 summer camp, girls will arrive at Road’s End Farm to take care of and ride horses, swim in Lake Spofford, play games, create in arts & crafts, and immerse themselves in farm life. The horseback riding camp at the end of Jackson Hill Road will bring echoes of laughter to the wilderness in New Hampshire. Embracing New England farm life and embracing each other, all members of the Road’s End Farm family will contribute to the future of this farm and practice kindness as a guiding philosophy.