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New Arabian PonyElf arrived yesterday morning in the midst of a rolling thunderstorm, but he was bigger than the weather and pranced around, snorting into the foggy air.  He has already made certain that Spirit knows who’s in charge.  He is full of gumption and grass – a good combination for a thirteen-hand, thirteen-year old Paint cross.  Finally, Buddy will see a lighter side to pint-sized shenanigans.

We have horses of all sizes, but have found that our ponies tend to have the most sass. If you know horses, you know that a determined pony can be significantly stronger willed than a horse. We have a few ponies who have mellowed out in their old age, but will certainly teach you how to properly ride. Elf, a speedy small pony, will teach you how to have soft hands and a gentle seat. Some campers even call him a unicorn.

A warm welcome to Spirit, the new pony who just arrived to join in the shenanigans this summer.  He’s a thirteen-year old Quarterhorse (but no terrible teens here!) and he’s settling in happily to a life of carrots, apples, and biped servants at his beck and call.  Since he’s just unpacked, we haven’t yet showed him the trails or introduced him to the herd, but Tom has explained to him the importance of knowing names, using your head to save your back, how many hands make light work, and the value of pulling your pound.

He is already the favorite of many campers and has since made many friends within the herd of horses. Spirit is a well loved, big boy who loves riding in both the ring and on trail – although riding on trail is his favorite!