Dear Prospective Campers and Interested Parents,

Welcome to our website.   Naturally, I am pleased that you have stopped by with a thought to embarking upon a digital tour of our summer horsemanship camp.   Mindful that you are probably very busy and that the websites of other camps are likely beckoning you to visit them as well, I have written the following overview of our program to help you quickly decide if our camp may be able to meet your needs without compelling you to wade through our rather lengthy website.

Should the overview strike your fancy and you would like to gain a better understanding of how Road’s End Farm would benefit a potential camper in these times, please make yourself right at home on the ensuing pages as you learn more about our modest horse farm and congenial camp program.   In the event you do not find all of the answers you are seeking or you have other concerns, I encourage you to contact us the old-fashioned way in this age of email by using the telephone so we may share a conversation.   As Road’s End Farm is our home, a year-round horse farm, and a summer camp all wrapped into one hospitable package, you are welcome to call us any day of the week during the daytime and evening hours.   If you would prefer not to call, but would like to have an enrollment application and references on the camp, you may send us a request or contact us at the email address noted below.

Whether you choose to mosey beyond the overview or instead move on to the websites of other fine camps, I wish you well in selecting a camp that is just right for you and your family.   In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website up to this point and perchance beyond.

Respectfully Yours,



Thomas E. Woodman

452E3259.JPGAn Overview

Road’s End Farm is a small summer camp that appeals to campers who love being around horses, caring for them, and riding for enjoyment rather than competition.   Being an integral part of a 360 acre farm with 50 saddle animals, the camp program provides campers with unlimited exposure to horses, the work involved in their care, and rural life in a picturesque setting at the end of a quiet dirt road in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire.

The Farm’s three riding rings, twenty miles of private bridle paths, and capable staff enable riders from rank beginners to accomplished equestriennes to improve their English riding skills or to just ride for the pure pleasure of doing so amidst beautiful surroundings.   With a beach on the lovely, spring-fed Spofford Lake, the camp offers girls swimming and canoeing under the watchful eyes of Red Cross Lifeguards.   Campers also enjoy local day trips paddling around Lake Spofford and hiking to the summit of Mount Monadnock.  And what would camp life be like without arts & crafts, talent show skits, and leisure time to nurture budding friendships, all of which are a daily part of the program.minstrel

Camp life is lightly structured and decidedly noncompetitive to ensure a close-knit family atmosphere wherein every camper counts and in turn is counted upon.   Under the stewardship of the same family since 1945, Road’s End Farm exists nowadays solely for the delight and the betterment of 8 to 16 year old campers who have an abiding interest in horses, a yearning for wholesome country living, and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and cheerfully help out with the chores.


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