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The off season at Road’s End Farm Horsemanship Camp revolves around caring for the herd of horses, maintaining the land, and preparing for the next summer camp season. With a small crew of full timers at the end of the road, we work every day to keep this beautiful farm here for the girls who come every year to enjoy the horses and the wilderness in rural Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

Despite getting a foot of snow a few days ago, it finally feels like spring in Chesterfield! We are walking through the melting slushy snow with light sweatshirts on and have shed our double layers for a single layer. With how warm it feels, we cannot help but eagerly anticipate the beginning of summer camp! With the horses shedding their winter coats, they are ready to be brushed and loved by all the wonderful girls that come and spend their summers at Road’s End Farm. As we begin to hire international counselors and receive camper applications, suddenly the summer feels even close with the warm weather.


On a foggy day, the horses are munching their hay while we work on various projects here at the Farm. Tom is in his favorite chair working on the annual camp letter, Katie is down at the Wheelock house building closets, Abby is searching for international counselors, Daisy is snoozing by the fire, Alicia is visiting her mom in Iowa, and Lesley is down insulating the frames of the windows at the Wheelock house. All of us are on a team that work together to continue improving the bigger projects on the Farm while making sure we are getting ready for our summer camp season. When one member of our team is pulled away to other projects, the rest of us need to pick up a little extra work to make sure the big projects are completed and we are ready for summer camp. Only a few more months until summer camp!


Happ the HorseThe hooves of each mare and gelding have been trimmed! Done with the farrier for another 6-8 weeks. Denise, our farrier, works well with our horses and is able to advise us on how to care for the more difficult feet. With her experience and advice, we are able to take care of our horses feet that need some extra attention. Our horses are happy to have freshly trimmed hooves and with the ground being frozen, they are also happy that there is no mud. Happy R.E.F. ponies means happy R.E.F. people. 🙂

As we look forward to summer and think about hiring our staff, we are reading through international counselor applications and beginning to call some lovely young women from overseas. Last year, we had counselors from England, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. These counselors bring invaluable experience to Road’s End Farm and the campers each year love hearing about their different places of origin. The Camp would not function without the wonderful staff members we find each year, and we are so fortunate to find such compassionate and kind women that come to the end of Jackson Hill Road.


Buddy the PonyFirst official day of spring and the farrier is here today! Denise is out with the horses this entire morning and is trimming 19 of their toes. Calculating that out, she in total is trimming 76 hooves. Many of the horses are well-behaved when she works with their feet, however, a few of them don’t enjoy it as much so we try to feed them hay, give them some love during their trimmings, and some extra praise when they are finished. Denise does a wonderful job with their feet, and having horses of her own, she is a horsewoman and understands how to adjust her trimming to each particular horse. The 19 horses who are finished have lovely, clean hooves. We love spring hoof trimming! 🙂