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The off season at Road’s End Farm Horsemanship Camp revolves around caring for the herd of horses, maintaining the land, and preparing for the next summer camp season. With a small crew of full timers at the end of the road, we work every day to keep this beautiful farm here for the girls who come every year to enjoy the horses and the wilderness in rural Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

Daisy the DogWhile the cats are laying by the wood stove, Daisy is rolling in the snow, horses are napping in the sunshine, the Road’s End Farm staff is working to get ready for summer 2017. We are getting applications sent to us from people who visit the paper trail and download the 2017 application. One big project we have coming up is to restructure the arts & crafts program. Katie Coe will be working hard to order new supplies and throw out the old ones. Not to mention, she will be using her muscles to move and reorganize the entire room. This has been necessary for a long time and we are lucky enough to have someone as dedicated as Katie to help us take on this project.


As we hunker down during this massive snow storm, the wood stoves are burning hot and the horses are certainly getting extra food for both breakfast and dinner. Their winter coats are still fluffy, and we will not shed them until much further into spring. While we wait for the wind to die down and the snow to stop falling, all the humans and indoor animals are trying to stay by the wood stoves to keep warm. We will give the horses extra grain, hay, and love tonight, as the blustering winds are not pleasant for any animal. Stay warm!!


We are spending a good amount of our time cleaning up the farm before the ground unfreezes and becomes too soft for the tractors. We are cleaning brush out of Peacock Park, the pines in Wheelocks, and in the trees next to the Cape Cod House. Similar to work duty during summer camp, we haul the brush onto the trailer, drive to the bonfire, dump the load, and begin again! Doing brush is one of our favorite jobs. In line with the philosophies here, we love getting our hands dirty and doing some springtime cleaning of the farm.

At the end of a dirt road in rural New Hampshire, a herd of horses run free and eagerly anticipate the arrival of young girls from all over the world. Throughout 2017 summer camp, girls will arrive at Road’s End Farm to take care of and ride horses, swim in Lake Spofford, play games, create in arts & crafts, and immerse themselves in farm life. The horseback riding camp at the end of Jackson Hill Road will bring echoes of laughter to the wilderness in New Hampshire. Embracing New England farm life and embracing each other, all members of the Road’s End Farm family will contribute to the future of this farm and practice kindness as a guiding philosophy.

Horse Field at SunsetToday, the weather is in the 60’s, and despite how humid it feels, our horses are frolicking around and playing. Flash and Cadence have been playing almost the entire morning, nipping each others whiskers and running in the paddock. Currently, we have a herd of horses that totals 69 (this includes Nancy’s horses – Oakie and Soprano, who are not technically camp horses, but nonetheless go into the herd during the daytime to play). Some of our horses have seen over 30 years at Road’s End Farm, and every horse that comes here comes to stay. The horse camp at Road’s End Farm revolves around this wonderful herd of caring, four-legged, and playful grass eaters.