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April camp will begin this Saturday! We have small off-season camps for campers who are interested in spending some relaxing time at the farm and reuniting with friends. As of now, we have 10 girls coming and we have lots of ponies to shed, spring jobs to complete, and fun to be had! We truly love these smaller off-season camps that allow the campers to see the Farm in different seasons and get a feel for what the camp feels like without 70 other campers. The horses are eagerly anticipating the extra attention! 🙂


It’s official – the annual letter has been sent out! Finally, one big step closer to summer camp! Tom worked hard to get the letter done and we are anticipating getting applications in the mail soon. 🙂 A main portion of the letter was dedicated to asking our camp families for help in getting the word out about Road’s End Farm Horsemanship Camp. We are not sure why the number of inquiries are smaller than previous years, but we are hoping to share our camp program with a few more new campers this year than we did last year. If you know if anyone who may be interested in an all girls summer horse camp, please let them know about us and we will be happy to chat on the phone or give a tour to an interested family.


With the weather changing so drastically, the horses were a bit chilly during this late February/March cold snap. We had a few days where the nights went into the negative temperatures, and the days didn’t warm up much past 20. We fed our horses a bit more hay, grain, and were careful to make sure they drank enough water before it froze over. The ground is not muddy, rather it has a hard top and the horses are looking a little more clean – now that they cannot roll in the mud :). We are loading up the porches with wood and making sure we have enough to burn to keep inside the farm house and the cape house warm. Alicia will be cutting, loading, and unloading fire wood all day – one of her favorite jobs. Alvin, Simon, and Daisy will be lounging by the fires. We should take a lesson from the wise animals here – snoozing in the sunlight or by the wood stoves are what Mondays are for. Happy March!

Horse Field at SunsetToday, the weather is in the 60’s, and despite how humid it feels, our horses are frolicking around and playing. Flash and Cadence have been playing almost the entire morning, nipping each others whiskers and running in the paddock. Currently, we have a herd of horses that totals 69 (this includes Nancy’s horses – Oakie and Soprano, who are not technically camp horses, but nonetheless go into the herd during the daytime to play). Some of our horses have seen over 30 years at Road’s End Farm, and every horse that comes here comes to stay. The horse camp at Road’s End Farm revolves around this wonderful herd of caring, four-legged, and playful grass eaters.

With the record temperatures reaching possibly 60 degrees Fahrenheit today, we cannot help but think about summer camp being only a couple months away. June is approaching fast, and with the blast of warm weather, it suddenly feels much closer for this New England horseback riding camp. The team at Road’s End Farm is running around the farm today in short sleeve shirts, light weight long sleeve shirts, and baseball caps rather than winter hats. Quite the sight in February. Wishing our camp families well during this warm weather snap, and are looking forward to filling the farm with girls of all ages this summer.