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View from Green Mountain VistaApril camp is here! We have 10 campers joining us for one week of springtime fun! We are feeding horses, raking leaves, picking up brush, and doing some general springtime farm chores. Not to mention, we are shedding horses winter coats and they are starting to glisten! The campers love taking care of the horses, as the horses are the heart of the Road’s End Farm camp program. Spring cleaning has officially begun at the end of Jackson Hill Road! 🙂


April camp will begin this Saturday! We have small off-season camps for campers who are interested in spending some relaxing time at the farm and reuniting with friends. As of now, we have 10 girls coming and we have lots of ponies to shed, spring jobs to complete, and fun to be had! We truly love these smaller off-season camps that allow the campers to see the Farm in different seasons and get a feel for what the camp feels like without 70 other campers. The horses are eagerly anticipating the extra attention! 🙂


We are getting ready to transition into the new stable and yesterday was spent moving all of the saddles. So far, each of the saddles has been moved and Katie is now unscrewing and removing the saddle racks so we can refinish them and put them up in the new stable. Lesley has spent a good amount of time going through and making sure each saddle and bridle have tags and each item of tack is suitable for camp. With how many saddles and bridles we have, this task is quite the undertaking. We will post pictures of the tack rooms as soon as they are set up – stay tuned!


Despite getting a foot of snow a few days ago, it finally feels like spring in Chesterfield! We are walking through the melting slushy snow with light sweatshirts on and have shed our double layers for a single layer. With how warm it feels, we cannot help but eagerly anticipate the beginning of summer camp! With the horses shedding their winter coats, they are ready to be brushed and loved by all the wonderful girls that come and spend their summers at Road’s End Farm. As we begin to hire international counselors and receive camper applications, suddenly the summer feels even close with the warm weather.


At the end of a dirt road in rural New Hampshire, a herd of horses run free and eagerly anticipate the arrival of young girls from all over the world. Throughout 2017 summer camp, girls will arrive at Road’s End Farm to take care of and ride horses, swim in Lake Spofford, play games, create in arts & crafts, and immerse themselves in farm life. The horseback riding camp at the end of Jackson Hill Road will bring echoes of laughter to the wilderness in New Hampshire. Embracing New England farm life and embracing each other, all members of the Road’s End Farm family will contribute to the future of this farm and practice kindness as a guiding philosophy.