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With the weather changing so drastically, the horses were a bit chilly during this late February/March cold snap. We had a few days where the nights went into the negative temperatures, and the days didn’t warm up much past 20. We fed our horses a bit more hay, grain, and were careful to make sure they drank enough water before it froze over. The ground is not muddy, rather it has a hard top and the horses are looking a little more clean – now that they cannot roll in the mud :). We are loading up the porches with wood and making sure we have enough to burn to keep inside the farm house and the cape house warm. Alicia will be cutting, loading, and unloading fire wood all day – one of her favorite jobs. Alvin, Simon, and Daisy will be lounging by the fires. We should take a lesson from the wise animals here – snoozing in the sunlight or by the wood stoves are what Mondays are for. Happy March!

Road’s End Farm is known all over the world for being a horseback riding camp, yet the campers who come here year-in and year-out know we are one big family. The Road’s End family spans globally, and we have connections to countries all across the world, yet the most special thing that is created each year are lifelong friendships. While young girls come here for the horses, to live on a working horse farm, the trail riding, the ring lessons, we find that girls leave with the most important creation of all – genuine friendships. With the congenial camp environment, strong, lifelong friendships are created at the end of Jackson Hill Road, and our campers and camp families become a part of the Road’s End Farm extended family. We look forward to a summer camp full of nurturing friendships this upcoming 2017 season.